How Shopping Secondhand Helps the Environment

You already know that scouring the local thrift stores for designer duds and amazing artwork saves you money, but did you know that thrift shopping could also help save the planet? Environmental impact is an important, but often overlooked, advantage to buying second hand, and you can be part of the solution with every dollar you spend.

Even if you are flush with cash, there are plenty of reasons to check out your local thrift store. You do not have to be a hipster to recognize the beauty of a vintage sweater, and you do not have to be short on cash to appreciate the positive impact secondhand goods have on the environment and the planet we all share.


Doing your part to help the environment does not have to mean deprivation and making do with less. In fact, your own brand of environmental activism can be downright fun. When you shop for secondhand goods, you experience the thrill of the hunt, even if you are armed with a credit card instead of a high-powered rifle. There are treasures to be found at almost every thrift store, and if you look hard enough you can uncover them.

From unique home décor to vintage clothing, you can find it all, and when you do you will feel pretty good. Even better, you will have done your part to help out the environment, all without shutting off the AC or moving to a tiny home.

When it comes to helping the environment, every little bit helps, and you do not need a grand gesture to do your part. You can make a difference and take a stand with every dollar you spend, so before you buy new, check out the thrift store offerings first.

Shopping at thrift stores and buying secondhand clothing, home décor, and household appliances is good for your wallet, but it is also a positive for the environment. Since the items you are buying already exist, they come with a lower carbon footprint, and that is good for you and the environment.

Last but not least, thrift shopping also helps reduce landfill waste. Trash piling up in landfills is a major problem, with plastics filling the oceans and even creating artificial islands. When you buy secondhand, you save your purchase from such a fate, reducing trash in landfills and giving usable items a brand new life.

Thrift shopping is not just about finding bargains, although there are plenty of bargains to be found. You do not have to be a cash-strapped college student or urban hipster to enjoy the advantages, so shop secondhand and do your part to help out the environment.